Organization of Liberians in Minnesota Important Documents

A Brief History of OLM
The organization of Liberians in Minnesota was originally formed in 1973 under a different name. Prior to 1973, there were few Liberians students living in Minnesota. Because the population of Liberians in Minnesota was so small, consisting mainly of students who were busy with their studies, the desire to form an organization did not occur in people’s minds.  Download

OLM Constitution
We, the Citizens, Descendants and Associate members, residing in the State of Minnesota, USA, recognizing the need to form ourselves into a legal entity to pursue developmental goals and objectives for economic and social advancement our our well-being as well as to foster closer relations among ourselves and concerns for the welfare and happiness of one another in Minnesota, do hereby establish this Organization.  Download

OLM Program 2018
Liberia 171st Independence Day Dinner and Ball Program  Download

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