2019 Gov. of Minnesota Liberian Proclaimation

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Minnesota Governor Tim Walz Proclaims Liberian Independence Week

The purpose of this proclamation is to recognize the historic ties between the United States of America, and the republic of Liberia which dates back to 1822,  as well as the many contributions Liberians are making and continue to make to the cultural, economic, political development, and diversity to the state of Minnesota. Liberia was founded in 1822, by free slaves from the United United.

They  established a commonwealth in 1838, and subsequently declaring independence on July 26, 1847. Making Liberia the First Independent nation in Africa.  Over its 172 years of existence, many Liberians has maintains ties to the United States, and the Liberian community has grown over the years most especially during the civil crisis. Today the state of Minnesota account for the largest Liberian community in the United, and the diaspora. 

Many Liberians considered Minnesota a second home and are deeply involve in every aspect of the Minnesota life.  they contribute to the social, economic, and cultural development, of the State of Minnesota.it is based on this background that, we the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota, (OLM) representing the interest of this community do request that a week be set aside beginning July 22, to July 27, be proclaim the Liberia Independence Week.


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